Prokem management is aiming to achieve client satisfaction by introducing high quality services within reasonable price at required time

As the company is aiming to increase its weight in the local market so we are committed to the following:

  • Provide the financial and human resources necessary to develop and modernized tools that contributing product and affecting quality.

  • Trying to eliminate non conformity cases in order to improve competitive quality ability.

  • Develop personal performance by providing training for all the stuff members

  • Encourage and motivate employees to create and enhance team spirit

  • Use modern machinery equipment and best materials

  • Set a frame of reviewing the company policies and objectives by the following means :
    •  Management review
    • Internal audit
    • Measuring customer satisfaction
    • Process control
  • Define and highlight duties and responsibilities and spread it within plant.

  • Periodical review for quality goals &policy to ensure continues matching with changes which might affect the process effectiveness

Once of the most important pillars of the company policy is to apply most recent quality systems as per the requirements of our quality standard.