KemSeal F

Kemseal- F is a two component cementitious flexible polymer modified waterproofing for concrete and masonry. Kemseal- F has a unique blend of selected cement, filler and additives applied in powder from(Part A) together with flexible polymer in liquid form (Part B).

The polymer liquid is especially designed to provide high flexibility when mixed and applied on concrete or masonry by mean
the coating has a very high elongation and compatible with the concrete thermal expansion The material can be manufactured based on sulphate resistant cement ( Type V). The
material complies with ASTM C- 580, C-9 4 2 , C-1042 , C-1305 , C-321, D-5385 , D-412 , E 9 6 , CRD C – 48. Kemseal -F can be reinfo rced with Fibermesh to enhance tensil e properties & crack bridging ability.