E. Sport Clubs, Recreation, Swimming Pool & Pool Decks & Track

Fans attending a game want to feel positive and proud when they enter their team’s sports arena or stadium.  Likewise, ticket-holding concertgoers deserve an attractive, clean place to enjoy the performance. For all facility visitors, the concrete steps, all the way up to the nosebleed seats, need to be safe and slip-resistant. Dirty, worn away or downright ugly floors can make the venue look dreary—and make attendees feel unappreciated and less likely to return. Creatively attractive epoxy coated floors let attendees how much stadiums and arenas care.

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E.1.Multi Purpose & Tennis                                E.2. Track & Jogging Pays

       BONDING PRIMER                                                                 BONDING PRIMER         

             PRODECO S                                                                          PRODECO S
             PRODECO S/PU                                                                  PRODECO S/PU
            PRODECO CUSHION                                                                 KEMTRACK
           PRODECO CUSHION/PU                                                          KEMTRACK PU
               PRODECO P                                                                      PROPATCH BINDER
               PRODECO P/PU