C. Car Park , Waiting Areas & Garages

C.1. Ramps & Turning Circles

C.2. Drive Ways  

C.3. Parking Bays                 

In car and truck dealerships, as well as other vehicle showrooms, the floors are the foundation for great sales. Walking through the showroom door, prospective customers expect to see new vehicles displayed on elegant, pristinely beautiful floors. The combination of the two inspires passion among car enthusiasts and average consumers alike. With the right epoxy flooring finishes, car dealerships can let the buying fever begin.
Unfortunately, many showroom flooring options currently on the market are less than ideal. A number of these floors are hard to keep clean and bright. Either they tend to absorb stains from new tires, require frequent bothersome care like waxing or buffing, or come with dirt-collecting grout lines—or a combination of all three. Trying to keep up with the maintenance of such floors is a time-consuming and costly headache for dealerships.
Additionally, many conventional car dealership and showroom floors provide little to no slip-resistance, which can be a genuine hazard even on a sunny day. Rainy or snowy weather only increases the risk of a slip-and-fall event.


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