About Our Company

Prokem is one of the leading independent manufacturers of construction chemical products in Egypt.

Our success is built upon the high quality of our products and technologies, as well as the extensive range of services that we offer our partners. Tailor-made solutions to solve specific problems can only be developed in close and direct dialogues with planners, operators, and applicators.

Today, our work force consists of 150 people that are committed to translating this philosophy into practice.

Our Vision & Mission

Prokem was established in 1996 as a family company for the production of construction chemicals products, based on European technology.   

The year 2006 marked the beginning of a new era for Prokem as it transferred from a family business into a professional business establishment. This happened by adding new experienced partners and employees to enhance and expand the company’s market share in local business, and export through the Middle East and Africa.


We are committed to social responsibility. We have a premium in place for meeting environmental needs and improving the quality of life. Above all, we recognize that the degree of our success is directly proportional to the quality and dedication of our people, because quality needs quality.


We are committed to satisfy our customers' changing needs by providing them with solutions in the form of products that are high in quality and competitive in price. We are also committed to treating our employees fairly with respect, openness and honesty.